Eco awning (manual / electric)

Eco awning of SEnC Co., ltd. is a typical form of awning system with convenient functions, which can be used for semi-permanently and have great interior effects. It is mainly used for various shops, country houses, gardens, vacation houses or town houses to control direct sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays so that it does not come into direct contact with body and the room.

It also saves air-conditioning costs, allowing you to utilize outside space, and gives a unique image to buildings and windows with a variety of products and colors.

- Fabric Spain Recasens
- Frame 100% domestic production
- Electric (motor) France Somfy
- Manual (gear box) Italia profile
- Width maximum length 1350mm~13,000mm
- Protrusion maximum length 1,000mm~3,500mm
전동모터 (솜피)

Somfy, the world best automatic awning system company
The headquarter uses awning parts of the electric safety certified products only (low price parts prohibited, China free products).
With more than 40 years of experience, Somfy is a multinational company that has established itself as a world leader in automated door of opening and closing in residential and commercial buildings.
Somfy's cylindrical motors and controllers are actively sold and serviced through 139 branches and sales offices in 60 countries.
We have been leading the automobile interior market such as various blind, curtains, and exterior automation such as shutters, awning and EVB. We have been actively involved in the future of residential and commercial door automation such as screen related market and outdoor shade market.

- Headquarter France (52 countries / 72 locations)
- Korea branch Established in 1990 (Pangyo, Gyeonggi province)
- Patent Over 600 kinds of international patent
- Quality assurance 5 years
Kinds of motor
  • LT MOTOR : Provides strong lifting capacity along with comfort and convenience, and reliable performance. It is recommended to use it with a general motor controller.
  • Altus® MOTOR : Built-in receiver equipped for common motors, used for the places where remote control or sensors needs to be installed cleanly.
  • Orea® MOTOR : Designed for box awnings and operates smoothly.
Remote control and sensor
Eolis 3D Wind Sensor

Somphy's Eolis 3D wind sensor enables awning to be automatically fold when the wind exceeds the specified speed, preventing damage to the awning by the wind.
Awning is widely installed in restaurants and cafes, as well as in private homes and vacation houses.
It's somehow heavy to manually open and close at inclement weather, the awning may be tear or damaged when the sudden wind blows.
However, the automatic awning system can be easily operated with remote or one button. It is a smart product that can be easily operated itself according to the external environment.
In addition, the Eolis 3D wind sensor is a state-of-the-art battery-powered high-tech wind sensor that reacts to any direction of wind by combining 3D technology, unlike a sensor that only detects one direction of the wind.

Motor installation
* Installation
  • - Orient the motor head to the side to which power is supplied.
  • - Cable connection in the axial direction - Insert the cable into the center hole of the motor bracket.
  • - Cable connection in the axial direction - Insert the cable into the groove of the motor head.
  • - Fit the assembled shaft to the motor bracket and plug end bracket so that they are vertically, horizontally even, and firmly fix the bracket.
* Electric wire
  • - All electrical installations are done indoors.
  • - If a wire breaks, replace it immediately.

★ Precaution

  • - Do not connect two or more motors directly to one switch without group control.
  • - Do not connect more than two switches directly to one motor.
* Limit switch setting
  • 1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.
  • 2. Remove the safety cap from the head of the motor.
  • 3. Press the yellow and white limit switch fully.
      Make sure the system is working properly.
      If the operation is not correct, set the power switch to OFF and
      replace the black and the brown lines of the motor.
  • 4. Press the UP power switch to set it to the desired position and turn it OFF.
  • 5. Press and release the upper limit switch.
  • 6. Check the down switch for the lower limit setting and repeat the above operation.
  • 7. Cover the safety cap.

★ Precaution

The cylindrical motor has a built-in thermal safety device that limits the operation of the motor to about 4 minutes. If the temperature is lowered, the motor will operate normally.

* Troubleshooting

★ When it does not operate

  • - Check power supply and system fuse.
  • - Check that the power switch is properly connected.
  • - Check that the limit switch is correctly set.
  • - If the thermal safety device automatically turns off the motor, wait until the motor has cooled down to the proper temperature.
  • - Check the wiring between the motor and the switch or controller.
  • - Disconnect the switch and test the motor with a test cable.

★ When system does not stop

  • - Check the wiring between the motor and the switch or controller.
  • - Check that the drive wheel is securely attached to the shaft.

★ Precaution

If you test the motor separately from the shaft, you must turn the crown manually to stop the shaft from spinning.


The awning wall attachment part should be at least 380mm ~ 500mm larger than the protrusion, so the arm is folded. It is designed for window and small size.
For example, if the width is 2400 mm x the protrusion is 3000 mm

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