Vertical blinds awning

Normally, the awning works horizontally, but the vertical blind awning operates vertically, so you can create a new space and provide comfort by blocking the outside space. It is less expensive than folding doors and more luxurious than a cheap tent type.
It is equipped with electric motor and can be opened and closed easily with remote control, and the degree of opening and closing can be freely adjusted by the user with remote control.
In other words, if you want open space, you can completely open up the vertical blinds, and if you want closed space, you can completely block the outside space by rolling down the awning to the ground.

- Fabric Spain Recasens or transparent pvc fabric
- Frame 100% domestic production / Aluminum
- Electric (motor) Somfy or Junwade
- Painting Basic white paint (separate paint)
- Width length 900mm~4000mm
- Vertical length 3000mm

When installed horizontally (awning fabric)

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