Measuring and installation

Measuring method


It has shading effect of the store and enables utilizing the outdoor space effectively,
and it is also advantageous to freely access to customers in rainy weather.


It is important to consider port use convenience and expression of the store in order to
harmonize with the exterior elegance of the building when selecting the awning cloth.

Width (L)

Horizontal lengh of awning to be installed (m, cm, mm)

Protrusion length (W)

Max length when awning is unfold (Protrusion length 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m)

Required awning height (H)

Minimum necessary space height for awning installation is 2200mm.
In case the height is less than 2200mm, it can be installed by using a separate support.
(When fixing the awnings to the ceiling, install the ceiling bracket for installation)

Others The structure of the attachment surface (marble, wooden, concrete, metal) and the number of floors and the area of the building are necessary for the actual measurement.)
How to order

01. Decide the fabric color on the website.
02. Notify horizontal length / protrusion size
03. Select manual gear and electric motor position (left / right)
04. Rainwater drainage (hood) (exist / non exist)
05. Print
06. Installation request / self installation parts selection (exist / non exist)
07. Headquarter and factory tel : 1600-0416.
It is possible to install at countrywide, perfect installation provided at franchise, vacation homes, apartment terrace, country house

01. Fold mobile awning for weather with strong wind, storm, hurricane, and heavy snow
02. Fold awning for long term vacancy
03. Fix the slope of the awning at more than 15 degrees so the rainwater can fall easily.
04. Please leave the switch neutral when the electric awning is opened or closed.
05. Do not install other structures in the awning protrusion arm part (vase, heavy lighting, etc.).
06. If the awning does not move after the winter season, please leave the switch to neutral and
       contact the contractor.
07. If the fabric is wet in winter season, it may freeze. (In this case, please open by checking the condition
       of the awning directly. If there is no movement, stop the operation immediately and contact
       the manufacturer.)
08. Do not install the light or stove too close to the awning.
09. Slope can be controlled after installation of awning, so keep the level at an enough angle to
       allow the rainwater to flow down and fix it visually flat.
10. In case of awning larger than 5m70cm or more in width, make sure that the winding direction
       of the fabric should be upper side of the cylindrical bar.
11. After initial installation, unfold the awning completely and rewind it so it can be evenly wind up.
12. Please contact us if you use fabric and frame of Connie top and mobile awning for other uses."

Awning installation instruction (when working on a ceiling bracket)

Tools required for installation work Safety ladder, hammer drill, hand drill, hand grinder, level machine, bolt spanner, tape measure, hand silicon gun, fastening bolt, screw etc.

1. Anchor the wall bracket. At this time, when the attachment surface
    is not a frame such as concrete, use the method appropriate to the
    site.(Example. screw bolts, welding, additional steel plates, etc.)

2. Working with ceiling bracket


3. Attach the wall bracket to the wall after anchoring. The wall brackets
    should be level, either left, right or center. Insert the square bar into
    the square part of the wall bracket and fasten the bolts tightly.

4. Insert the processed fabric into the roller tube and front bar, insert the
    clamp into the front bar, and close the ends with the front bar-cap.


5. If the arm is connected to the front bar, turn the angle adjusting
    bolt to adjust the height and angle.

6. When the adjustment is complete, tighten all the nuts of each
    part so that the awning does not loosen during operation.

7. Test trial operation. The maximum protrusion of the awning should
    be limited to just before the arm is fully unfolded.




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